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Kids Camp Packing Checklist

2 pajamas (one for breakfast in pjs)

5 pairs of socks

5 underwear

5 outfits suitable for play

2 pants (for prayers and liturgy)

Rain jacket or sweatshirt

Travel size shampoo/conditioner/body wash

Hair brush




Flip flops or shoes that can get wet (shower shoes)

LABELED reusable water bottle (inexpensive in case it is lost) 

Deacon tunic (boys tonia)

Several hair ties (girls)


Sheet to cover mattress AND sleeping bag or blanket


Bag for dirty clothes


Bug spray/anti itch cream

Any home medications taken daily

Items NOT to bring to the camp: 

  • No iPods, iPads, tablets, or any other electronic devices 

    • We will be so busy having fun that we don’t need any worldly items with us.

  • No shaving cream, water balloons, water guns, etc. parents please recheck your kids bags.

  • Do not bring items of personal value, jewelry because the camp will not be responsible of any damages or losses.

  • Cell Phones 

    • Usage of cell phones are NOT permitted. IF YOU BRING ONE IT MUST REMAIN IN THE CABINS AT ALL TIMES. Parent, please not your child' servant will call you the first night of camp so you have their contact information. Your child will be calling you in the morning and at night. Please see what to expect for more information.

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