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Church Representatives

Each church has a designated representative, this is your go-to person for any questions or concerns you may have about Kids Camp

St Shenouda- Largo


St Mark- Fort Myers


St. Peter, Seal of the Martyrs- West Palm Beach

Reem Boutros

St. Mary & St. George- Tallahassee

Anthony Sorial

St. Peter - Orlando

George Yacoub

St. Mary- Delray Beach

Maureen Ghattas

St. John the Baptist- Miami

Monique Riad

St Philopateer- Palm Harbor


St. Athanasius- Orlando

Mary Soliman

St. George- Tampa

Jenny Farhan & Remounda Rezk

St. Rebekah- Orlando


St. Mary & St. Mina- Clearwater

Margo Hanna & Julia Girgis

St. Demiana- Jacksonville

Riham Sadek

St. Verena- New Port Richey

Tasoni Mariham Saleh & Angie Nagib

St Cyril- Orlando


St. Mary Magdalene- Gainesville

Andrew Roman

St. Simon the Tanner- Sarasota

Maria Henen & George Soliman

St. Mary & Archangel Michael- Oviedo

John Wadea & Veronica Greiss

St. George- Daytona Beach

Marina Mitry-Hanna & Andrew Girguis

St. Anthony- Maitland

Katy Hakim

Don't see your church listed above? Contact the committee!

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